The Top 100  2023

The Top 100 2023

SJ returns for 2023, presenting a curated list brimming with extraordinary interior design talent. Our comprehensive selection of 100 global visionaries, icons, and innovators, hailing from home and abroad, each showcase a unique design language that speaks to their unwavering commitment to interior design.

Handpicked by our expert panel at SJ Interior Designs, this year's honourees embody outstanding creativity, shaping the world of interiors and leaving an indelible mark on our industry. Their lasting impact, innovative thinking, and inimitable style have earned them a place on this prestigious list and set the tone for an exciting year ahead.

As we celebrate this remarkable array of newcomers and distinguished alumni alike, let their industry-defining portfolios transport you to a world of design inspiration.

1508 London

Known for its impeccably refined style, the London-based design studio has built an extensive portfolio with clients ranging from The OWO to The Four Seasons and beyond. Its team is led by the inspiring history of each building they help to design, focusing on creating the right space for each client rather than any singular design style. It is this diversion from formulaic design that has established them as authorities in the space and has continued to make them the obvious choice for the discerning high-end client.

AB Concept

Founded in Hong Kong in 1999, AB Concept believes that ultimately, design is about being. Wanting to leave a positive impact on the mind, the studio begins each new project with the same approach but never the same aesthetic twice. This unique understanding of the design process is why each of its projects feels right for the space in which they belong, whether that’s a residential penthouse or a commercial restaurant.   

Albion Nord

With statements like “we believe the most beautiful spaces are those with soul” and “there is no beauty without character” it’s little wonder that this London-based design studio has become so esteemed. Its projects—indeed full of soul and character—are the epitome of refined artistry and timeless elegance. With projects ranging from double-fronted John Nash beauties to light-filled villas, its style flawlessly flexes between grade-listed properties to modern refreshes.

Alyssa Kapito 

Elegant, understated and beautifully refined, Alyssa Kapito’s eponymous design studio is recognised for its tasteful approach to residential interiors. By combining artfully curated antiques and contemporary finishes Kaptio’s spaces feel both fresh and timeless, complete with clean lines and bespoke details that add depth to each space. And, with clients including the likes of Jo Malone and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Kaptio’s portfolio includes some of the most exclusive homes in the New York area. 

Andrea Benedettini

Having honed his craft whilst working alongside Laura Hammett, Andrea Benedettini knows a thing or two about quality finishes and luxurious interiors. Now, with his own eponymous studio, Benedettini’s portfolio is replete with homes that boast an elevated appeal and distinctly polished aesthetic. Having only established his studio four years ago, his influence in the interiors industry has been noteworthy.

Ashe Leandro

It is the playful yet nostalgic approach to interior design that defines this studio. Known for its multidisciplinary practice (the studio is also an architecture firm), Ashe Leandro’s portfolio carries a signature aesthetic synonymous with relaxed, contemporary living. “We embrace instinct, ingenuity and humour over traditional design convention,” so its design philosophy goes, which makes sense upon inspecting each of its projects: each decidedly contemporary whilst honouring a timeless energy. 

Axel Vervoordt

Axel Vervoordt believes that a home should be a personal expression of your soul, reflecting the way you wish to live and the perspectives and ideas that define your tastes. Perhaps it is this profound and original way of approaching interior design that has defined Vervoordt as one of the most significant interior designers of his generation? A lover of art, Vervoordt both incorporates artwork into his projects as well as turning them into artworks of their own. Each a symbol for the lucky individuals who get to live in them.


Proof that the most understated of schemes can be the most remarkable when executed by the very best of designers, Banda’s exquisite portfolio has been a constant source of inspiration to the design world since its inception in 2007. Founded by Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, the studio now boasts projects across the world, each balancing a timeless sensibility with its signature contemporary elegance.

Beata Heuman

Beata Heuman brings a swedish-inspired flair to each one of her colourful projects since founding her London practice in 2013. As is the title of her book “Every room should sing”, so goes her design philosophy. Combining a love of colour with an unapologetic use of print and decor, Heuman’s spaces evoke an undeniable sense of joy long before dopamine dressing became a thing. Soon we will see the launch of her upcoming projects, a listed London townhouse designed by Sir Ernest Geroge, the reinvigoration of a rural estate in Scotland and the design and brand-creation of a boutique hotel in Paris.


Specialising in luxury hospitality, private residential and property development, it is unsurprising that BradyWilliams’ portfolio is as vast as it is impressive. With recent projects including a Victorian garden bar in Harrods and the retro-feeling Anya cafe, BradyWilliams prove time and time again their versatility and esteemed taste.

Bryan O’Sullivan Studio

Always incorporating his signature hint of glamour, the philosophy of O’Sullivan’s portfolio is “contemporary, liveable interiors informed by an elegant and eclectic European point of view.” Over the last decade the studio has channelled this approach into projects including Claridges, The Connaught and The Berkley, amongst a number of remarkable residences. Now with studios in both London and New York, the studio’s ambitions show no signs of slowing down and, unsurprisingly, neither does its client list.  

Buthaina Humaidy

Buthaina Humaidy is an Award Winning Studio based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Established as one of the go-to designers for refined, elegant living, the studio focuses on timeless interiors that are executed with the world’s most respected materials. Centred around elevated transitional design, each project combines a sense of London style with Middle eastern sophistication.   

Chris Shao

Rising star Chris Shao maintains offices in New York and Shanghai, summing up his wide-ranging portfolio and distinctive aesthetic fusion of East and West. His eponymous studio capitalises on contemporary minimalism with cultural richness, showcased in recent projects like the redesign of a Manhattan penthouse and a historical villa restaurant in Shanghai’s French Concession district for chef Esben Holmboe-Bang.

Clements Design

Imbuing a relaxed, californian sensibility, Clements Design is known for its high-profile clientele and under-the-radar portfolio. This is one studio where word of mouth is the key to its ongoing list of projects. Preferring a slightly undone feel, the homes Clements Design creates are truly designed for living in, each piece feels characterful and each work of art is seamlessly integrated. Its projects truly reflect their owners; a surprisingly rare quality.

Covet Noir

Bringing traditional design to a contemporary audience, Covet Noir was co-founded by Maria Lindgren and Adele Lonergan in 2018. Since then they have worked to build homes that feel fresh, classic and timeless by combining antiques with new pieces. Whether they are working in a heritage Mayfair home or a contemporary Belgravia property, Covet Noir instils its esteemed sense of refined elegance whatever the project may be.

Cristina Celestino

Cristina Celestino contextualises her projects within a contemporary narrative, honouring the history that came before whilst keeping an eye on the future. It is this deep understanding of the properties she develops that keeps her work worthy of praise. All unique, her projects surprise and delight in equal measure leaving those who admire her unsure of what could possibly come next. Whatever it might be, it will be sure to inspire.   

Damien Langlois-Meurinne

Damien Langlois-Meurinne defines himself as a “creator of Haute Couture furniture and spaces”. Today, he is one of France’s leading designers and interior architects with a portfolio to match. Favoursing natural materials such as bronze, lacquer, marble, and precious woods, the studio’s passion for craftsmanship is visible in just about everything they do. 

Dauley Designs

Founded in 2016 by Alexandria Dauley, the studio specialises in creating schemes that offer both practicality and style. It is this combination of the two that led to her designing Soho House Brixton, a characteristically colourful space that encapsulates Dauley’s personal love of art and print. Alongside Sophie Ashby, Dauley established United in Design, a non-profit on a mission to address the lack of diversity in the interior industry further cementing her commitment and influence in the design world. 

David Collins Studio

Founded in 1985 by the late David Collins, the studio is now recognised internationally for its illustrious portfolio of projects ranging from world-renowned Harrods to The Ritz-Carlton and most recently a range of 14 invitation-only David Beckham suites designed for The Londoner Macao. Committed to creative excellence, artisan workmanship and longevity, Collins’ impeccable eye has lived on over three decades and continues to add value to each of the projects the studio encounters. Upcoming projects include the Queen Anne cruise ship for Cunard and a Tuscan restaurant for the St. Regis Chicago.

David Hicks

Born in Australia, David Hicks has been employing a holistic design philosophy since founding his studio in 2000. Now one of Australia’s most prolific interior designers, A keen advocate of streamlined, well-resolved spaces combined with an elegant and sophisticated decorative layering, David Hicks has revolutionised modern design and has created a unique international style, for which he is well known and in constant demand.

De Rosee Sa

Dividing time between offices in the UK and Portugal, this RIBA-accredited architecture and interior design studio is naturally one of contrasts. Co-founder Claire Sa explains, “The contrast of old and new is so important for creating an individual home with soul and atmosphere.” A raspberry-pink ikat skirted side table alongside a shadowy old master, blush pink walls as the backdrop for grown-up furniture, and any number of architectural styles showcased alongside each other—pattern, colour and unexpected pairings are everywhere in its project catalogue.

Delia Kenza

For many, their career is inspired by those around them; for Delia Kenza it was her grandmother who surrounded herself with beauty. Embracing her grandmother’s sense of style, Kenza founded her eponymous studio to bring this passion for beautiful interiors to others. Today, Kenza’s projects boast modern interiors with subtle references to the past preferring bold, clean lines, natural materials and a neutral palette augmented by carefully chosen colour accents.

Design Haus Liberty

A London studio headed by architect Dara Huang, Design Haus Liberty’s offering runs the gamut of design services from interior renovations to full-scale new build architectural projects. The studio recently completed a Florida residence for founder of Burch Creative Capital, J. Christopher Burch and the launch of the Dara Maison furniture collection this year marks an exciting milestone for the design firm. Dara features as a judge on Channel 4's The Big Interiors Battle.

Dimore Studio

Established in 2003, the Milan-based studio is now home to a 40-person team specialising in spaces that tell stories, and evoke emotion. Their manifesto sees the combination of old and new designs, combining vintage pieces with contemporary settings. The result is a portfolio that cannot be boxed into a singular style or decade, in other words they are synonymously timeless and nostalgic, a hard combination to master. With projects ranging from the residential to the retail, this is one studio that we are all keeping an eye on.   


The rich warmth found in all of Elicyon’s projects is credited to director Charu Gandhi Pominkiewic’s unwavering loyalty to quality materials and attention to detail. Now with a portfolio that spreads across the most luxurious corners of the globe, each Elicyon project is as enviable as the next. Their latest, an apartment in The OWO, speaks volumes of the respect she has earned in the industry. Boasting a traditional style, it not only proves her versatility but her deep understanding of each space she encounters.  

Elizabeth Metcalfe

Founded by Elizabeth Metcalfe in 1999, this interior design studio has garnered praise, both nationally and internationally, for interiors that are, without exception, beautiful, innovative, and highly personalised. Recognised for their softened approach to contemporary design, her projects incorporate an unparalleled fusion of refined furnishings and materiality. What ties her portfolio together? The innate sense of calm found in each space.   

Estudio Maria Santos

Estudio Maria Santos, based in Madrid, is synonymous with finessed understatement with an eclectic flair. Projects feature antique and vintage pieces in milky white spaces with neoclassical interior architecture, elegant proportions and composed furniture arrangements. The all-female design studio has completed projects in French Provence, Mexico, Qatar, New York and Germany.

Félix Millory

A Parisian designer in every sense, Félix Millory crafts spaces which focus on materiality, often showcasing the interplay between grain-proud woods, travertine, bouclé and marble. Peppered with unique sculptures and contemporary artwork, the designer’s projects are a masterclass on the depth of neutral interiors with a decidedly Japandi bent.

Ferris Rafauli

The man behind Drake’s home “The Embassy”—an utterly mind-blowing 50,000 square foot Toronto mansion complete with full-size NBA basketball court, recording studio, nightclub lounge, 5,000 square foot master bedroom and master closet and an outdoor pool that is 50% larger than an Olympic sized pool—Ferris Rafauli has a style dial with exactly three settings: luxe, super-luxe and ultra-luxe. Upcoming is a project on Miami’s Indian Creek Island, also known as the Billionaire Bunker. What else for this designer?


Finchatton’s ambitious goal of creating the most exceptional homes in the world has undoubtedly been achieved over the last two decades of the studio’s existence. Epitomised by their signature hallmark of sophisticated elegance and timeless style, each project, be it the Six Sense or an estate in the country, possesses an undeniably distinguished grandeur. Their next project to be completed at the end of 2023; The Whiteley, is the large-scale reimagining of the former Whiteleys shopping centre in London’s Bayswater. Designed by Foster + Partners, The Whiteley will feature 139 world-class, modern residences, 20 new shops and restaurants, a cinema, a large-scale gym, and London’s flagship Six Senses hotel and spa.

Fiona Barratt Interiors

Fiona Barratt Interiors has become best known for transforming historic residences with modern timelessness. Long-inspired by her upbringing in Northumberland, Fiona Barratt-Campbell includes nods to the juxtaposition of its rugged natural beauty and its rich Roman ancestry in a number of her projects. With her own range of furniture and outdoor pieces, she has brought her exclusive knowledge to the wider market. 

Flack Studio

Flack Studio credits their success to their young, tight-knit team of interior designers whose enthusiasm for the industry is visible in just about everything they do. Specialising in contemporary spaces that still boast an abundance of character, their portfolio is inundated with colour, artwork and a wonderful mirage of stonework.

Fleur Delesalle

By not conforming to one particular design style Fleur Delesalle has proven that she can approach a number of aesthetics with the same level of distinction. Known for artfully being able to blend these styles is another stongsuit within the studio and is another testament to their versatility rooted in great design. The studio is currently working on a number of residential projects across France and wider Europe.   

Fran Hickman

Rooted in the belief that interiors are inherently social and that they impact the way in which we behave, Fran Hickman designs spaces that aim to create harmony and intimacy, the power of good design is that it can drive desirable behaviour. For Hickman, . The objective is not simply to make spaces feel special, but to make people feel special within them. 

Francis Sultana

As the CEO of the David Gill Gallery as well as a respected designer, Francis Sultana has always had a personal affinity for art, an affinity that he brings into the interiors that he creates. It is this artwork that now defines the properties he designs and what has established him as the go-to designer for international collectors. Loved for his unique ability to merge the residential requirements of a domestic or commercial space with often large-scale visual art, sculpture and installation pieces, his studio is currently working on projects in the UK and across Europe, the Middle East and the US. 

François Champsaur

Inspired by natural forms and organic textures, François Champsaur’s French style is a lesson in his uniquely eye-catching yet understated designs. From Hotel interiors to private Parisian apartments, his work is respected for their combination of retro and contemporary pieces.

Gilles & Boissier

Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier, the pair behind Gilles & Boissier, credit their creative success to their clashes which lead to better reconciliations. If wood species and pure lines are Patrick Gilles’ language, Dorothée plays with colours, spatial fluidity and an innate elegance to brighten spaces up, it is this juxtaposition that brings their spaces to life.

Greg Natale 

Australian-born Greg Natale has established himself as the maximalist interior designer to watch. From eccentric Mid-century schemes to tartan-covered rooms, Natale’s designs never disappoint. With his own range of furnishings embodying his playful approach to design, Natale’s influence is as prevalent as ever.

Gunter & Co.

Irene Gunter’s studio Gunter and Co. combines traditional elegance with a subtle, Mid-century Modern flair. Preferring to use natural materials, the studio’s projects range from Dubai to Lake Tahoe and many London homes inbetween. With an eye for a more playful and understated style, Gunter & Co make luxury design feel personal, considered and packed with energy; something that their loyal clients come back for time and time again.   

Helen Green Design

Elevated elegance best encompasses the aesthetic of Helen Green Design projects. Founded by the late Helen Green in 2002, the British design studio seamlessly blends contemporary sophistication with classic details and high quality craftsmanship. The results are spaces that feel synonymous with luxury and refinement. Currently working with private clients on a penthouse project in St Petersburg, as well as on a prestigious project in 1 Grosvenor Square, the studio’s upcoming releases are one’s to watch.  

Humbert & Poyet

Based in Paris, Humbert & Poyet’s esteemed studio is known for its broad range of design styles; from Mid-century Modern and Art Deco to Bold Minimalism. The young duo behind the brand? A Monegasque, Christophe Poyet, and a Parisian, Emil Humbert, who joined forces in 2007, combining their interior design and architecture experience to create an all-encompassing studio respected the world over. 

India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi first reached iconic status for her famed pink interior of The Gallery at Sketch. Since then she has not only been called upon once again to transform that same space –  this time into a yellow, pattern-clad space with an abundance of African artwork and craftsmanship – but similarly noteworthy spaces across the world. ‘To conceive a space, I listen to it, I analyse its constraints, its needs and its context. I like providing a solution in order to define, with the client, how to work with all the energy that the space inspires.”   

Isabelle Stanislas

Combining an understated air with an intimate appreciation for heritage design is what sets Isabelle Stanislas’ Eponymous studio apart from the competition. At the age of just 22 Stanislas was commissioned to reinvent a private mansion and since then she has not looked back. Now her studio is responsible for some of the most elegant homes across the world that all possess her innately French seduction.    

Ishka Designs 

Niya Bascom and Anishka Clarke, the minds behind Ishka Designs, keep art and thoughtfulness at the forefront of everything that they do. Focusing on environmental impact and harnessing their close relationships with artisans and vendors ensure that each project they complete is a reflection of their client’s and their own understanding of what good design is; considered, in more ways than one.   

Jacques Grange

A high-end interpretation of eclectic bohemian design, Jacques Grange’s notoriety within the Interiors industry should not be underestimated. With some of the most discrete-yet-discerning clients in his phone book, Grange’s extensive career has been the by-product of creating some of the most noteworthy interiors of the last 50 years.   

Jake Arnold

British-turned-US interior designer Jake Arnold has become something of a sweetheart of the design world, working for high-profile clientele including Katy Perry, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and Rashida Jones amongst others whilst double dutying as the founder of The Expert—a digital interior design platform with all of the world’s most influential designers featuring as hireable talent.

Janine Stone 

Stone describes her entry into the world of interior design as somewhat inevitable, what with her Mother’s dress shop and her natural affinity for luxurious spaces, she founded her studio with the goal of spreading this talent with the world. Now responsible for refined homes across the world, Janine Stone manages both the interior design and the architectural structure of the properties she revives.   

Jean-Louis Deniot

Minimalism is not for Jean-Louis Deniot, nor is excess.” Instead, he balances refinement with comfort and openness, making his projects havens to revel in. It is this balance between indulgence and suitability to relaxation that makes his creations truly luxurious. With a focus on local materials and influences, each space is contextual both within the rest of the home and the geography to which it belongs. Though Denoit believes the location should be inherent in the design, the time in which it was designed should not, “timeless, for me, means that you cannot define if the interior is located in the past, present or future. Good design must be timeless.

Joseph Dirand

French architect and designer Joseph Dirand explains that, for him, “creation was a need” and this passion and his art de vivre is what sets him apart. Employing an approach to design that leans ever so slightly towards the minimalistic, Dirand’s spaces make use of the finest materials and craftsmanship to bring his spaces to life. Whether he is transforming a simple staircase into a work of marble art, or adorning a shoe shop in the richest shade of ribbed walnut, Dirand’s natural eye for the divine is visible in just about everything he touches. 

Joyce Wang

Based in both Hong Kong and London, Joyce Wang’s studio has harnessed the power of both cultures and the creativity that comes with them. This diverse collection of experiences and artistic practices is brought together in the hospitality projects that the studio creates. Responsible for the interiors of the Mandarin Oriental hotel and the Berkley, Joyce Wang’s eponymous studio has become a respected part of the luxury market.

Katharine Pooley

Combining her love of travel with her natural flair for interiors, Pooley’s illustrious portfolio spans the most desirable corners of the world. Whether she’s transforming Scottish castles, 32 metre yachts or dusty pink chateaus in Cannes, Katharine's timelessly feminine approach to design has become the highlight of many inspiration boards. 

Kelly Behun

Kelly’s projects utilise everything from bespoke furnishings and unique designer pieces to offbeat accents and inexpensive vintage finds and it is this combination of curated pieces that allows her spaces to feel truly unique. Preferring to collaborate with her clients, Behun strives to incorporate artwork wherever possible, integrating clients' existing collections as well as acquiring new pieces to perfect their homes.   

Kelly Hoppen

Defined by a subtle fusion of clean lines and neutral tones, Kelly Hoppen Interiors has changed the face of the design industry with their East Meets West style. To complement her strong love of monochrome and her belief that even the smallest of details should be perfected. 

Kelly Wearstler

A name even those without much awareness of the industry are likely to recognise, Kelly Wearstler is famed for her design style for good reason. A lover of unexpected forms, materials and with a distinctively artistic approach to interiors, Wearstler’s unique style is delightfully surprising. “I view my interiors as sculptures. I want to create a sense of adventure with artful pieces that tell a story,” the south-carolina tells us. It seems she fully embraces the “go big or go home” mentality. 


Each of Kitesgorve’s projects are underpinned by a deep understanding of comfort, originality and quality. As a result, the residential projects they create are both enviable and livable with an inviting sense of home. Their attention to detail is similarly visible in their commercial projects. Whether it’s a Spanish hotel or Cotswolds farm shop, each feels in tune with the local surroundings and the standards Kitesgrove have become known for.

Kit Kemp

Founded by Judith Kit Kemp MBE, interior design studio Kit Kemp is known for their joyful approach to pattern and colour in their interiors as well as their championing of British craftsmanship. Paving the way for the now-popular aesthetic of traditional prints on multiple surfaces within one space, Kit Kemp’s iconic design style has been translated across to their collection of 10 successful hotels now visited by interior enthusiasts the world over.    

Laura Gonzalez

Come across a beautiful wall mural that has made you rethink your entire interior scheme and chances are you have stumbled upon one of Laura Gonzalez’ extraordinary projects. It is her remarkable ability to combine the unexpected with an inherent sense of culture that has defined Gonzalez’ career to date, and now, with clients including the likes of Cartier, her studio has only continued on the spectrum of success.   

Laura Hammett

Founded in 2008, the studio now boasts multi-award winning status. Layered, inviting and elegant, Hammett’s projects are distinguished by their luxurious approach to elevated living. In addition to her interior design portfolio, Laura’s debut home accessories collection has been a consistently outstanding success. “As a studio, we create completely bespoke interiors from architecture right through to furniture, but accessories is one area where we have to really work with what’s available on the market, so when I was given the opportunity to design a bespoke collection completely from scratch, it was a dream come true.

Lawson Robb

Lawson Robb understands that good design is about more than just how things look, it is about how the space is to be used, the person who inhabits it and enhancing the environment. It is this multifaceted approach to the projects they take on that has led to their undeniable success. From luxurious penthouses to private residences in the Middle East, each project is uniquely adapted to be just right for that specific client.   

Leyden Lewis

Combining his love of classical modernism with traditional methodologies and his personal love of art, Leyden Lewis not only designs homes but also the artwork and furniture which he puts into them. It is this holistic approach and genuine passion for design that brings his spaces to life and is why they become such a personal project.   

Louise Bradley

Their most recent project, a home in Magna Carta Park, speaks to Bradley’s timeless palettes and inviting sensibility. “My style at home is relaxed. I used a neutral palette, which is a great backdrop for my collection of pieces that I love, and there are lots! I guess my signature style runs through my homes, a fusion of classic and contemporary,” the designer says of her own home. Understanding that home should be a sanctuary is what guides Bradley throughout the design process, something that has led to her own furniture and fabric collections loved by other numerous noteworthy designers.   

Luis Laplace

Laplace begin their design process by honouring the local traditions and cultures of the home they are designing, from then art, materials and colours are selected. This approach has resulted in the spaces found within their portfolio, all in keeping with what lies beyond their walls and each feeling as though they have been curated over a lifetime whilst incorporating unexpected nuances and new interpretations of the traditional landscape.   

Maddux Creative

Maddux Creative was founded in 2011 by Scott Maddux and Jo leGleud with a vision to create stunning interiors with a timeless quality. Through their innovative residential projects, Maddux Creative leads the contemporary design conversation internationally. By not restricting themselves to one design aesthetic, their portfolio displays a plethora of styles that are all exceptionally executed.   

Martin Brudnizki

Whether you’ve seen the flamboyant interiors of Noel Hayden's newly opened hotel The Broadwick Soho or seen a picture of what lies behind the front doors at Annabel’s, it’s likely you've encountered Brudnizki’s transfixing interior designs. What makes his designs so noteworthy? “It’s all the small details that make the whole,” Brudnizki explains, “and I think that’s the most important thing as there’s no whole idea without the details that support it.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Bullard’s eccentric, bold and sophisticated style has earned him a list of clients that is enough to make any celebrity-enthusiast swoon. From the Kardashians to Ellen Pompeo, his portfolio is bursting with homes that are bursting with both character and glamour. Also a designer of interior goods, he has created a number of collections available on LuxDeco including his Art Deco-inspired range for SV Casa and lighting for Hudson Valley Lighting.

Millier London

From Regent’s Crescent to The Bryanston, Millier London are the minds behind some of London’s most exclusive addresses and are synonymous with a calm, elegant aesthetic which they perfected since their founding in 2010. Redefining luxury with the breathtaking space they create, Millier employs only the finest materials to create the spaces they design.    

Natalia Miyar

Known for her vibrant approach to colour and bold use of prints, Cuban-American designer Natalia Miyar has established herself as the go-to designer for those who love a playful approach to design. This year saw the reveal of The Twenty Two, a members club in Grosvenor Square, and the completion of the Sky Villa, a penthouse inside Batersea’s iconic Power Station that took on an uncharacteristically neutral scheme, proving once again Miyar’s abundant versatility.  The thread between all of her projects? Her client’s artwork that she seamlessly combines into each one of her schemes.   

Nate Berkus

The fact that Nate Berkus founded his eponymous studio at the mere age of 24 comes as no surprise upon looking at his extensive portfolio, for only someone with a natural and undeniable talent could be responsible for creating such spaces. Possessing both said talent and range, Berkus’s projects are as varied as they are many, such is testament to his skill. What ties them all together though, is their welcoming and relaxing feel: to step into a Nate Berkus home is to feel… well… at home.  

Olivia Outred 

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