How to master a cosy, minimalist living

Published on 5 April 2024 at 17:25

Cosy, minimalist living rooms need to be pared back when it comes to furniture - this isn't a place for mismatched, multi-patterned pieces. Choose seating that works together, both tonally and in shape. Pull them together with matching cushions to keep things soft but fuss-free. Try to include some pieces that serve more than one function so that you can keep the overall amount of furniture down. A bench in a bay window or a footstool could double up as storage, for example.

Add some handy storage

The most appealing thing about minimalist design for most people is the total absence of clutter. Fitted furniture is a great option to achieve this look as it can be designed bespoke to your room to give a seamless finish. You could go contemporary with simple, handle-free doors or opt for some panelling for a classic look. Whichever you choose, it will be the perfect place for hiding away board games, technology and cables, and other life detritus that doesn't suit the design aesthetic.

Maximise natural light

Big windows and natural light are perfect for achieving the cosy, minimal look. Firstly, the view and light can add movement and interest throughout the day, lifting your minimal space to something changeable and energising - even plain walls need a bit of life sometimes. Also, the shadows that emerge as the sun moves can feel really calming, so make the most of them. Use plants nearby to cast some gorgeous natural shapes, and you could even hang a crystal in the window to reflect the light.

Experiment with texture and colour

Cosiness is all about combining textures - using both the look and feel of your fabrics and furniture to add depth to your room. From choosing a wall paint that has a soft finish rather than a sheen to combining fabrics like chunky knits with soft velvets and fluffy sheepskins, you will be able to build lots of warmth and cosiness.

Keep all your pieces within similar colour tones, though, to avoid any sense of clutter or busyness. Neutrals work well - greys, beiges and even light greens or Setting Plaster pinks can all look both cosy and minimalist. Small living rooms work well with light tones, too.

Bring the outside in

Flowers and houseplants can create a sense of serenity in your space. With minimalist décor it can be very effective to go for one large plant, like a yucca or a monstera, rather than lots of smaller ones. Keep the pot simple, either in a plain white or grey or a natural terracotta. Alternatively, a terrarium can add interest while also keeping things neat and on-trend.

Add some ambience

Lighting has the ultimate transformative effect on a room, instantly creating a feeling of cosiness and warmth. Candles add a touch of luxury - especially if they smell delicious, too - while simple table lamps create that classic, grown-up feel, perfect for a living room.

Let SJ help you create a cosy, minimalist living room

A minimalist approach is a great way to build a living-room space that will enable you to kick back and relax after a long day.

To get started with designing your own cosy, minimalist living room, go online to book a free design visit with one of our experts. They can help you to get to grips with your space and create a storage plan that works for you.


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