Mixed Textures

Published on 8 May 2024 at 17:41

Some clients, as we all know, have a very specific style. Others, less so. While many designers agree it can often feel cleaner to design according to one specific trend, mixing and matching can result in not only a more interesting and personal look, but a more enduring one, too. With a user-friendly To The Trade storefront created specifically for designers, free shipping, and no order minimum, Home Fix Boutique Furniture is an industry-favourite resource for sourcing in-stock and fully customisable special-order pieces in three key, easy to mix-and-match styles: Modern, Coastal, and Transitional. Read on for tips on combining elements from multiple styles to create a space that’s special, unique, and, thanks to Universal Furniture, easy to execute.

Stick to a common colour palette

A general rule of thumb when mixing-and-matching styles is to follow a colour scheme; this will help avoid visual overwhelm. Ideally, this means using two neutral shades and two accent colours. Keeping colours simple will also allow you to focus most of the attention in the room on a particular statement piece. Depending on your (and your client’s) vision and your timing needs, that might be a custom-created, special-order sofa from Universal Furniture’s Coastal collection, a Transitional sideboard—bench-made in 10 weeks or less—or something from the wide range of in-stock or New Arrivals pieces. The website makes it easy to check pricing and availability and place the order that’ll suit you best.

Skip matching sets

Sure, matching sets make for a time-honored, easy solution, but they tend to dominate the tone of a room. That doesn’t mean one-stop-shopping is forever off limits. Universal Furniture offers ready-to-ship and special-order pieces, including fully-customisable options, from award-winning brands like Crypton Home, JB Martin, and Moore & Giles in three popular and stylish yet functional styles—Coastal, Modern, and Transitional—which lets design pros mix and match individual yet complementary pieces from a single source. For special-order items, use Universal Furniture’s To The Trade digital-design tools to custom-create coordinating pieces from each style, made from more than 400 fabric options and 50 leathers. You dream it, they can execute it.

Feature—but don’t over-use—accent pieces

Mixing and matching furniture is itself an exercise in balance, and depending on how many styles you’re incorporating, you’ll likely want to pare back on certain smaller accents, like pillows, art or wall coverings, and tabletop accessories. Instead, consider texture a viable accessory, as seen in the smooth marble of a Modern counter table or the velvety-soft faux fur of a Transitional accent chair. Mixing different textures can create visual interest while also tying together seemingly disparate styles.

Call on existing pieces

In cases where a client already owns furniture, you might see if you can select a piece or two to retain. From there, add pieces from other genres, including ones that don’t necessarily match but have something in common (such as finish, colour, or shape). Universal Furniture’s online design capabilities can help you envision how certain pieces on hand will work with pieces in their inventory. This will also help avoid the temptation to bring in anything too trendy. While current and stylish, Universal Furniture is committed to crafting pieces that will stand the test of time and promise endless options for future mixing and matching, even as your clients’ needs and tastes change.

For more on Home Fix Boutique Furniture’s offerings, including its To the Trade program, visit Homefixtboutique.com

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