Bouclé chairs to liven up texture-lacking living spaces

Published on 3 June 2024 at 16:05

Tactile seating, influencer approved


While interiors trends come and go, some are just too good to let go of after only a couple of seasons. Hence why we’re staying firmly snug in our still very much on trend, 2024-approved bouclé chairs. If you’re yet to invest in this viral home must-have – whether in the form of an occasional accent chair, a stylish set of dining chairs, or a super plush Accent chair for your WFH set-up – you’re missing a trick. But fear not, we reckon this much-loved furniture piece will be sticking around for some time.


Soft and snuggly with a fleecy upholstery, these accent chairs are not only a statement piece for your living, dining or office space, they're also one of the most comfortable seats you can plant your tush on. Made from synthetic looped fibres to give it a deeply textured, curly look, this tactile fabric can mimic real lambswool or sheepskin – but ‘teddy bear’ is perhaps more descriptive. The best bouclé chairs range in price from as low as £550, all the way up to over £6,000.

The best thing about a statement bouclé chair, especially in its typical neutral colour-way, is that you can simply drop it into any interior scheme and it won't look out of place. If you have busily patterned or brightly hued living room chairssettees, or sofa beds, or whether your dining space is bold and maximalist, or Scandi inspired and minimalist, a bouclé chair promises to sit pretty on its own, and it won't compete.

Anything to consider when shopping for a bouclé chair? For starters, you'll want to address whether your chair is going to be sitting on hardwood floors or a soft cushy carpet. For the former, add rubber or protective foot stoppers to your list of requirements – a statement chair is not worth permanent damage to your floors. Likewise, if you're likely to upgrade your space in the years to come and are simply purchasing a smaller model now, consider if the design could serve as an office or bedroom chair further down the line. See this deep green accent chair from one of our favourite online furniture stores, Habitat; it's suited to both bedrooms (as that clothes pile chair) and living rooms to provide extra seating for guests.


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